Take a risk already

Ola and Mathieu discuss authenticity and the power of attaching your brand to a culturally relevant moment – no matter the risks

To be all things to all people is to ultimately be generic. And to be ultimately generic is the essence of risk aversion. In this episode, Ola and Mathieu of Hershey Canada delve into brand authenticity and the integrated approach behind recent campaigns like the Reester Egg and the Oh Henry 4:25 bar. Tune in as the pair discuss risk aversion, marketing to millennials and generation z and building consumer relationships.

New face of change management

Rubina Shaikh discusses counselling brands come to an honest and effective re-discovery of their purpose

Marketing touches many different areas of a business and in the future it’s clear that the problems companies face are no longer siloed by business unit. Be it a bank, a courier company or a retailer, many legacy brands now claim their core competency to be technology.  In that context, all businesses are essentially technology brands because technology now influences just about everything we do and sell. Organizations must take a multi-pronged approach to the way they problem solve and doing so requires not just involvement by the marketing team but by the entire executive suite. Rubina Shaikh, founder of Centered, discusses an honest, thorough and effective re-discovery of a brand’s purpose. This isn’t about conventional organizational or corporate culture audits and change management strategies…this is more like brand therapy.


The balance between art and science

Duri Alajrami, head of marketing, communications and digital at Moneris, discusses the art and science of marketing and how data has driven the shift in balance between the two.

Data and science only played a little role in the marketing industry in the early 1990’s as art and creative lead marketing strategies until the digital disruption and democratization of media. Today’s marketers have seen a shift from art and creative leading marketing strategies, to data and science leading marketing decisions and measuring attribution fully across all channels.  Has the art of marketing suffered? How can we analyze and use data effectively? Delve into the big data talk on our season 2 premiere of The Pivot.

Defining your personal brand in the digital-first economy

Marc Saltzman talks the evolution of journalism in today’s media landscape


Journalism isn’t what it used to be. With shrinking newsrooms, newspapers closing its doors and a shift to a digital-first economy, more and more journalists have had to adapt to the new order. Tech expert Marc Saltzman discusses how he has managed to not only survive but thrive in the changing media landscape over the past 25 years via strategic sponsorships, media opportunities and brand deals, all while remaining authentic to his personal brand. Find out what’s working, what’s not and what’s next, on this episode of The Pivot.

How crowd sourced cannabis data is redefining patient care

For canna-curious marketer, Jessica Moran, Director of Marketing and Communications at leading North American cannabis intelligence company, Strainprint – legalization has proved to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Quick to sink its teeth into the power of crowd sourced data, Strainprint’s rapid growth has sparked more than 55 million data points and one million tracked medical cannabis outcomes – and rising every day. If it doesn’t exist, build it; Strainprint’s unique community of medical patients and recreational users is supplying research for clinics looking for better treatment guidance; LPs looking for marketing and growing insights; and government regulators looking to develop new policy. Take a listen, download the app and see the impact for yourself, on this episode of The Pivot.

New tactics to curate and report quality Canadian content

While many mourn the death of traditional media, David Brown, co-founder and co-editor of The Message, reinvents the wheel to tactfully amplify important Canadian stories and profile thriving marketing and commercial creative initiatives. Media permeate every nook and cranny of our daily lives, curating our understanding of activism, politics, privacy law, celebrity and identity. However, not everyone is aware. Dive in as David dissects programmatic advertising, consumer media preferences and the power behind sharing real content with an unapologetic editorial agenda. Introducing a new voice, for a new age of Canadian marketing, on this episode of The Pivot.

Cannabis: why customer-centric education is on the rise

While the tobacco, pharma and alcohol industries have had more than a century to mature, integrate and capitalize in global markets – an entirely new beast emerged on October 17, 2018. You guessed it: the billion-dollar Canadian cannabis industry. Daniel Davidzon, Director of Strategy and Education at Cannvas MedTech, a leading digital cannabis education and analytics company, is pioneering the highly regulated space. With so many questions in the air, Daniel couples scientific and medical research to dissect the nuances dividing medical and recreational consumption on this episode of The Pivot.



Values-based branding strategies for B2B

With more tools, platforms and ways to engage – the marketing playbook has quickly become a thing of the past. Maliha Aqeel, Assistant Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications at EY isolates the disruptive pressures facing both B2B and B2C brands, sparking incredible debate around the intersection of culture, content and customers. Whether you’re in financial services, banking or cannabis, this episode holds the key to driving innovation and shaping lasting brand experiences in a digital-first economy. Leverage some fresh values-based marketing tools here, on The Pivot:



A decade of disruption: the evolution of Canadian ad-agency models

The ad-agency model has endured drastic structural shifts over the last decade due to the rise of third-party influencers, social, digital and paid initiatives. Terry Drummond, Co-Founder of the independent agency, Good&Ready and the brains behind Viagra’s notable “Good morning” campaign discusses pushing the content creation envelope. We’re all thinking it; with communicators’ increased integration across the spectrum of advertising, marketing and public relations, making a fixed impact with target audiences means reinventing the marketing landscape as we know it. Terry’s new agency model is taking action by adapting to the changing needs and disciplines of the marketplace. Find out how Good&Ready is navigating ahead of the curve, in this episode of The Pivot.



Letting go of convention to maximize profit

For CMOs in a rut, class is in session! David Soberman, Professor and Canadian National Chair of Strategic Marketing at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, dissects the success behind marketing strategies so innovative; they’ve changed the trajectory of entire industries. From the iPod revolution to the soar of South West Airlines, David pinpoints how the exchange of information between companies and customers affect distribution channels and global markets. Listen now, on The Pivot.