Our host, Ken Evans, was joined on The Pivot by Digital and Cybersecurity expert, Ritesh Kotak, to explore the intersection between cybersecurity, communications, and public trust. 

This episode delves into how technology has progressed to provide communicative and connective solutions to accessing key institutions and information with an emphasis on why cybersecurity should be baked into product development rather than treated as an afterthought. Organizations that experience cybersecurity breaches never quite recover their reputations and the public’s trust so it’s essential to have preventative measures, as well as a crisis communication plan. 

Ritesh also quickly realized there is a gap in the public’s knowledge on how to protect themselves from cybercrimes. In the episode he shares with us some of the key considerations we should incorporate to protect ourselves and maximize the benefits of technology. As our society relies on technology more than ever before to facilitate connections between communities and institutions, whether that be through online education, telemedicine or accessing legal support digitally, we must learn to build a digital first infrastructure focused on the safety of users. 



Guest Bio: 

Ritesh Kotak started his career within policing in Canada where he co-led the creation of the cybercrimes unit and the research and innovation portfolio focusing on digital transformation. He then transitioned to the private sector where he worked with various Fortune 500 tech companies on global projects related to Cybersecurity, Investigations and Next-Generation IoT applications for Smart Cities projects. In 2018, Ritesh was selected by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government for their Emerging Leaders Executive Program. In 2017, he completed an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and holds a BBA from the University of Toronto. Ritesh is currently pursuing his J.D. at the University of Ottawa. 

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