In this episode we speak with Branick Weix, the founder and CEO of Aryeo, a leading Boston-based content management platform for the real estate industry.

The unknowns brought on by the pandemic required those in the real estate industry to quickly pivot their business practices to adapt.

Join us in this episode to hear Ken and Branick discuss marketing strategies in the real estate industry and how Branick and his team are successfully finding their niche in this industry and finding new ways to help brokers, agents, and photographers.

Guest Bio: After years spent learning the ins and outs of real estate photography, Branick co-founded Aryeo in 2019 with former real estate photographers Matt Michalski and Brendan Quinlan. The team is focused on streamlining real estate content for photographers, agents and brokers through effective business and content solutions. As a tech entrepreneur and 2021 member of the Forbes Technology Council, Branick is on a mission to bring fresh innovation to the world of real estate technology.

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