Ever been afraid of your audience falling asleep during an important presentation?

Colleen Stewart, President of Perfect Pitch and author of The Story Compass has quite literally had her audience fall asleep, leading her to pursue a career in storytelling! Colleen has spent years diving into the importance of storytelling and why leaders should care to develop this skill. She realized presenters were often too quick to jump into the “what” of a presentation before establishing the “why”. Great leaders know answering the “why” is the key to having your audience pay attention to the “what” and “how”.

Tune in to hear our host Ken Evans and Colleen Stewart discuss how leaders can make the shift from being afraid their audience isn’t listening to confidently knowing they’ve got the room where they want.

Guest Bio:

Colleen Stewart has a bachelor’s in journalism from Carleton University and over a decade of experience teaching the art of storytelling in business communications. She is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Perfect Pitch Consulting Group where she helps businesses connect with their target audiences by telling their unique business stories. Perfect Pitch works with some exciting clients like Bayer, The Home Depot, Big Rock Brewery, Husky Energy, ATB Financial, and Avon. Colleen is also the author of The Story Compass: Navigating Through Uncertainty in Your Business, now available on Amazon.

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