A discussion on using data to understand our neighbourhoods

There’s a lot to consider when going through the home buying process, one of the most significant being location. Location not only impacts price, and the scale of the investment, but also quality of life. So how can technology play a role in the decision making process when it comes to enhancing our quality of life? After all, technology has transformed the way in which real estate is build, bought and sold.

In this episode, we’re joined by Vincent-Charles Hodder, co-founder and CEO of Local Logic, and head of marketing, Jillian Ruiz. Local Logic is a real estate AI company providing an innovative approach to buying and selling by applying location based data and algorithms to change the way cities are built and real estate decisions are made. Tune in to hear our discussion on Canadian real estate in the pandemic era, infrastructure and its impact on local businesses, and factors in a neighbourhood that contribute to our quality of life.