Pride is intersectional and allyship is not meant to be comfortable. Join us on this episode of The Pivot, featuring Dean Lobo of The 519, as we move beyond labels and proactively peel the onion on what it really means to be an ally for 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

As we continue to explore avenues of support, safety and empowerment, we must remember it’s not just 2SLGBTQ+ people doing the 2SLGBTQ+ work – rather, it is an active space for allies to come in, pitch in and join in, too. To resist hate and rise above it, and centre and celebrate queer joy with proactive, consistent, year-round effort – there remains much work to be done.

‘An army of lovers shall not fail, and when we come together, there is nothing we can’t do.’

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Guest Bio

Dean Lobo (he/him)

Dean is a seasoned communications specialist with a decade’s experience across radio, television production, print and digital news, strategic communications, and media studies facilitation. 

During his journalism years, Dean reported extensively about issues impacting LGBTQ+ communities, bringing that same passion for community to his communications role now at The 519 – Canada’s most prominent 2SLGBTQ+ multi-service centre and a City of Toronto agency. He recently presented the Communicator’s Guide to Gender Diversity and Inclusion at the IABC World Conference 2023 in Toronto. 

Dean continues to explore how his South Asian roots and queer identity interact with his life now as a settler, and for that, he finds himself turning to writing, art, and music.


Want to learn more about The 519 and their work? Check out the links below. 

See their main website here and some of their resources and advocacy work below. Click here to donate to or support The 519

  • The 519’s Army of Lovers advocacy work: Anti-2SLGBTQ+ extremists are escalating their attacks on our communities – in Toronto, across Canada, and the world. Generations of 2 Spirit, queer and trans people have fought for our right to live in the light with pride and dignity. This Pride season, let’s get one thing straight: we’re an Army of Lovers, and we won’t back down.
  • The 519 Media Reference Guide: Co-created by The 519 with 2SLGBTQ+ community activists and leaders, the guide is informed by community conversations and will support anyone who wants to produce better journalism, champion inclusion, and expand their learning and allyship.

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