In 2018 Tony Ayala’s best friend asked him to leave his successful career in finance, take a pay cut, and help him grow his gluten-free bread business. Three years later Queen Street Bakery products are found in over a thousand Canadian grocery stores and are quickly spreading into the US market. Still, the company manages to maintain its “small business” feel by being candid about their products, maintaining a friendly rapport with customers, and keeping community at the center of their message. Tony shares his story and advice on finding a universal message that will resonate with your audience.

Tune in to The Pivot to hear Tony, along with our host Ken Evans, discuss how companies can stand out amidst fierce competition, and find unique ways to align with the causes that matter.



Guest Bio:

In 2019, Tony Ayala made the leap from finance to food—plunging into the deep end with entrepreneurship.Leaving his full-time career in finance, the now President of Queen Street Bakery—an allergen-free functional food startup—took a 180 in life and hasn’t looked back since.With his extensive background in finance, Tony has leveraged his experience to build the next generation bakery alongside the founder, and his best friend, Giovanni Angelucci. Since coming on board, Tony has taken the business from 50 stores in Toronto, to over 1,000 across Canada. Now, the Queen Street Bakery team has launched in 200 new stores south of the border and is continuing on its US expansion.