A conversation on marketing amidst entrenched and systemic social challenges, juxtaposed with the profound potential of Generation Z and Alpha to lead a new era in creative creation.

Today, marketers are being stretched like never before. Not only are they trying to sustain brand relevance in this crisis, but they are now tasked with navigating entrenched social issues that no campaign will ever do justice to.

But if we look to generation Z, and even generation alpha, there is some hope. Generation Z are confident creators and less burdened with self-conscious expression, but for this potential to blossom, they need the financial independence and liberty to truly unleash their creativity, business savviness and activism.

In this episode of The Pivot, we’re joined by Sabaa Quao, Co-founder at Wealthie Works Daily, to discuss the shifting consumer mindset in the midst of the pandemic, how the digitization of money count present risks to younger generations and the need for persistent and consistent financial literacy.